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New Platform FAQs

  • Why are you providing me with a new account and trading platform?

    We are pleased to announce that we are upgrading our trading platforms and apps for all our customers. In order to provide you with exciting new trading technology and an enhanced trading service, we need to transition your account to a new operating system and service called Tradefair Advantage Trader.

  • Do I need to accept new Terms and Conditions?

    Yes, you will be asked to accept new Terms and Conditions when you first log in to the new trading platform.

  • What do I need to do?

    We'll automatically transfer any open positions and cash balance over the weekend of 10th and 11th of October and you will receive an email confirming this.

    IMPORTANT: If you do not want your account to move you must follow the instructions in the 'What if I don't want the new platform?' FAQ.

    If you had a MetaTrader account with Dealbook, you will be moved to a MetaTrader platform that offers FX and around 100 Commodity and Index CFDs. Please note that MetaTrader clients will be able to access the Advantage platform suite with their MetaTrader credentials.

  • How do I access historic statements and reports?

    Access to your existing Tradefair account will be removed after market close at 10pm GMT Friday 9th October. When markets open at 10pm on Sunday 11th October, we will re-enable access to your Tradefair account but all functionality will be disabled, except the reports and statements. We will continue to give you access to this account in the week following the migration until we integrate your end-of-life statements from Tradefair into the statements section of Tradefair Advantage trader. The end of life statements will detail position, order and transaction history for the lifetime of the account. It is your responsibility to pull any other reports and statements from your account the week after the platform upgrade.

    Please note that you will need to use your original Tradefair username and password to login to this environment.
    If you need to login to the old platform click here.

  • What happens to my Tradefair demo account?

    Any existing Tradefair demo accounts will be cancelled after market close at 10pm GMT on Friday 9th October.

  • How do I download the new mobile apps?

    The new platform offers mobile trading on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows - your login details will work across all platforms - including for MT4 clients. You'll need to have iOS 6 or higher or Android 4 or higher.

  • Are there new markets available?

    Yes, you will have access to approximately 2250 new markets including Quarterly markets and Sector trades.

  • What does DFT mean?

    DFT stands for Daily Funded Trade ie a spreadbet. All spread bet instruments on the new platform have .DFT after them as opposed to .sb as you are used to seeing on the current Tradefair platform.

  • How do I start trading on the new platform?

    When the market opens at 10pm GMT on Sunday 11th October your new account will be live and ready for you to use. Any open positions or cash balance you had on your Tradefair account will be moved across. All orders will be transferred to your new account.

    In an effort to make this transition as seamless as possible, you will have access to your new account from the week commencing the 28th September. We encourage you to log in and begin to familiarise yourself with the features and functionality within the platform. Trading will not be enabled until your cash balances and positions have been migrated.

  • How do I fund my account on the new platform?

    You will be able to fund your account from within the Advantage Trading platform.

    Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab on the top-right corner of the trading platform and then select ‘Fund Your Account’. You will see four links:

      •     Fund your account
      •     Withdraw from your account
      •     Add a card to your account
      •     Remove a card from your account

    Select the appropriate link to initiate payment.

    You can also fund your account by direct bank transfer. Our bank details and information about depositing funds into your account via direct bank transfer can be obtained from the ‘Account’ tab on the Trading Platform. Please note that we are unable to accept payments from third parties, any such transfers will be rejected and returned to the original source.

    Please note that we do not accept cash payments paid directly into our bank account.

  • How do I withdraw money from my new account?

    You will be able to withdraw funds your account from within the Advantage Trading platform.

    In order to transfer funds out of your account, please visit the 'Account' section of the trading platform.

  • I'm having problems logging into my account. What do I do?

    If you are having login issues, please contact us.

  • How do I change my password?

    To change your password, please log in to your account, click on the dropdown arrow next to your name > Account > Update your personal details.

  • Are there additional costs associated with the upgrade to new platform?

    There are no administrative charges to maintain an active trading account. However, we reserve the right to impose an inactivity fee of £25 should your trading account become inactive for a period of 12 months or more.

Account Differences

  • New Central clearing service

    Your new account provides central counterparty clearing on certain markets through an Omnibus Segregated Clearing Account (OSCA). This service is free of charge. You will have the option to choose an Individual Segregated Clearing Account (ISCA) instead of, or in addition to, the omnibus account provided as standard.

    Please note that where central clearing is offered on a market, any positions transferred on the 18th September, and any new trades that you place in that market, will automatically be centrally cleared.

  • Tick Factor Changes

    If you hold a position in any of the four markets below at the point we move your account, you will see a change in the tick factor of that market. To account for this change in tick factor, we will also adjust the quantity of CFDs so that the overall notional value of your trade, and your profit or loss, remains as it was.



    MINI SPOT Brent Crude Oil

    Singapore Blue Chip Index Fut

  • New Higher margin close out level

    Margin close-out levels are higher in the Tradefair Advantage Trader platform.

    On your existing account, if the net equity on your account falls below 25% of your margin requirement, your positions are auto-liquidated. When you are moved across to the new Tradefair Advantage platform, if the net equity on your account falls below 50%, your positions are auto-liquidated, along with any orders.

    Margin warnings are currently sent when the equity on your account reaches 100, 75 and 50% of your margin requirement, where on Tradefair Advantage they are sent when your equity is at 75% of your margin requirement. It is important to ensure that you have sufficient funds on your account to cover this change in margin close-out level when you move from to the new Tradefair Advantage platform.

    You must ensure you have sufficient funds in your account at migration so that you do not hit these new higher margin closeout levels.

  • NEW FX & CFD Lot Sizes

    FX and CFD accounts will deal directly in units when trading FX where 100,000 units = 1 standard lot, or 10 CFDs; 10,000 units = 1 Mini Lot, or 1 CFD; and 1,000 units = 1 Micro lot, or 0.1 CFDs.

    All other markets will be traded as CFDs.

    Spread Bet accounts will continue to trade in the base currency of your account per point movement of a market.

    We encourage you to use the margin calculator built into the deal ticket to view the notional value of a trade.

  • New Position-based rather than net-based settlement for FX

    Tradefair Advantage Trader operates on a position-based FX basis meaning that positions are only settled when you take action to close or they are triggered by an order. The settlement to base currency is done immediately and posted to a client's account. All clients who are on net-based FX in Tradefair will be moving to the industry standard position-based FX format.

  • Advantage Trader operates on a Non-FIFO basis

    All accounts on Tradefair Advantage operate on a Non-FIFO basis.
    This means if you have multiple positions in one instrument you’ll be able to close these in any order you wish. This also means:

    • You’ll be able to place linked stop and limit orders on individual trades.
    • All orders placed on the same deal ticket as a trade will be linked.
  • New Back-to-base currency conversion charges

    Back-to-base automatically converts any realised P/L, adjustments, fees and charges that are dominated in another currency, back to your base currency before applying them to your account. The current charge for this is 40 basis points for every back-to-base conversion.

  • New Tight Fixed Spreads in Market hours

    On the new platform, we offer tight fixed spreads on selected FX, Index and Commodity markets during the main trading hours of the day. Outside of market hours most other markets, except equities, have capped variable or variable spreads. To view details on spreads please log into the platform, search for the market you are looking for, and open the ibox.

  • Commission rates on CFD Equities

    For UK and most European equities the charge is 0.1% of the consideration, for most US equities it is 0.15% and for most Asian equities it is 0.2%. Our new minimum commission rates are £15, $25 or €25.
    This information is available in the Market Information sheets for each market. You can access these via the Advantage trading platform; you can find the icon next to the name of the contract in the market search results.

    Please see table below for details on our commission rates for CFD Equities:

    Country Rate Minimum


    USD 0.02 per share

    USD 15.00 or 0.15%



    AUD 5.00

    New Zealand


    NZD 10.00

    Hong Kong


    HKD 15.00



    SGD 10.00



    JPY 1,000



    GBP 15.00 or 0.10%



    EUR 10.00

    This information is available in the iBox for each market. You can access these via the Advantage trading platform; you can find the ‘i’ icon next to the name of the contract in the market search results.

  • New Margin Requirements

    You will be moving to an account that has a minimum margin requirement of 0.5% (200:1 leverage), although some markets require higher margin. Please note the margin closeout level on this account will be 50%.

    We encourage you to reference the 'i' icon by each market to see specific margin rates for individual markets or alternatively use the margin calculator built into the deal ticket to view the specific margin requirements for each trade.

  • New FX Financing

    We will now use interest rate differentials for the two currencies traded to calculate overnight financing. We then apply the market rate premium or discount, together with our overnight charge, which will have a minimum or maximum amount. In the Market Information box you can view the FX financing information where it will show details of the last financing event for that market.

  • What are the CFD financing charges?

    Overnight financing charges are the same as Tradefair today and may be applied to positions that have no set expiry. Under normal circumstances, long positions will incur a small charge whilst short positions will be credited overnight financing. For example, on long equity positions, financing is charged at LIBOR +/- 2.5%.

    You are charged overnight financing on the total value of your positions, and competitive rates are applied across all of our markets to ensure financing costs are kept to a minimum.

  • How do you calculate CFD financing charges?

    Non-FX positions: Daily financing charges or credits are associated with any Daily Funded Trade which is open at our market close. This is calculated using the following formula:
    Short Positions F = V × I / b
    Long Positions F = V × I / b, where:

      • F=  Daily Financing Fee
      • V = V = value of equivalent (quantity x end of day closing price)  
      • i = applicable Financing Rate
      • b =  day basis for currency (365 for GBP, HKD and AUD, 360 for all other currencies)

    There may be instances when a Daily Financing Fee is charged to you on Short Positions, rather than paid to you. This may occur if LIBOR (or RBA IOCR for Australia) is at an exceptionally low rate. 

    The daily financing fee will be applied to your account each day that you hold an open position (including weekend days). 

    The Financing Rates used are outlined in the table below.


    Long Financing

    Short Financing


     LIBOR + 2.5

     LIBOR - 2.5%


     LIBOR + 2.5

     LIBOR - 2.5%


     LIBOR + 2.5%

     LIBOR - 2.5%


     RBA IOCR + 2.5

     RBA IOCR - 2.5%

    Other International 

      Contact Customer Services

  • What is Price Tolerance and how does it work?

    Price Tolerance is the price level within which the Tradefair Advantage trading platform may execute your trade immediately even if at the time of execution the price has moved away from that specified by you.

    Those markets where Price Tolerance applies will have default tolerance levels set, but they may be altered by you on the trading platform.

    If you don't want any slippage in execution price, you can manually set your Price Tolerance level to '0' for each market. This will mean that if a trade request is received and the price is different, the trade will be rejected and a new trade must be requested.

  • How do you change the Price Tolerance levels?

    If you want to change your Price Tolerance level, you can do so by amending the Tolerance levels set within the Market Information for each market affected by Price Tolerance.

    If however you want to remove Price Tolerance completely, you can do so by setting the Price Tolerance level to '0' for the relevant market. This will mean that should our trade execution price move, you will need to submit a new trade request.

  • How does the Hedging button work?

    Your Tradefair Advantage account by default is set to non-hedging. i.e. if you place an opposing trade in the same market as you have an open trade already, it will close out the trade in the other direction.

    However, if you tick the hedging button, it will create a hedge trade, meaning you will have two open trades in the same market, in opposite directions.

  • How does the Step Margin feature work?

    Step Margin is the process by which the amount of initial margin charged per trade may increase depending on the size of your spread bet or CFD trade. As the size of your total position in a particular market increases, so may the amount of initial margin charged for any additional trades [within the same market].

    These occur at specified Step Margin levels.

    To find out more about the Step Margin levels for a particular market, refer to the market information area within the trading platform.

    You can also view our example below using the indicative step margin levels for a fictional example, Company ABC:

    Spread bet stake size 

    CFD stake size 

    Initial step margin 













  • How will Step Margin affect my open positions on the transition to the new platform?

    If you hold an open position that is bigger than the first margin step, it could mean that your margin requirement will increase when we migrate your trades from your existing Tradefair account to the new Tradefair Advantage account. We recommend that you check the step margin rates in your new account in the two weeks leading up to the migration and ensure you have enough equity in your account to cover any increase in margin requirement.

  • The new web based platform is highly customisable

    Tradefair Advantage Web is our new flagship platform which allows you to change and save layouts, colours, styles, font sizes, price updates, watchlists and inactivity timeout.

    Tradefair Advantage is an intuitive platform and most features of the platform have inbuilt tips to help you get the most from your trading experience.

  • New Enhanced deal ticket

    Tradefair Advantage's deal ticket has an inbuilt margin calculator allowing you to see your potential margin requirement before you place a trade.

  • Autochartist, Foresight AI and Di Napoli are not available

    Autochartist, Foresight AI and Di Napoli are not available now but you can access advanced charts, with over 100 default indicators, news and market data within the 'Research' section of the platform.

  • 'Close By' Orders

    Close By orders will not be available on Advantage Trader.

  • How do I contact you?

    The Customer Service Team is available 24 hours a day (Monday to Friday) to answer any queries you may have once your new account has been opened. You can contact them by calling +44 (0) 20 7170 0942 or via email:

Tradefair PRO

  • How do I log in?

    After installing Tradefair PRO, click on the desktop icon. Enter your login name and password, then choose either demo or live from the system dropdown depending on your account type. Click the Login button and Tradefair PRO will open.

    Your login and password should have been sent to you in an email when you open an account. If you have problems or receive an error when logging in, start a live chat with us for help.

    Click here for more information.

  • I have more than one account. Can I switch between accounts when I make a trade?

    If you have more than one Tradefair PRO account, you can switch between accounts at any time using the Account drop-down menu in the New Order window.

    If you switch between accounts while trading, make sure the right account is selected in the Account drop-down menu before you enter your trade. Your accounts may use different settings for size or base currency or different account types (position-based or net-based). All of these factors may have an effect on the outcome of your trade.

Tradefair WEB

Tradefair MOBILE

  • How do I log in?

    After downloading the Tradefair MOBILE app on your device, access it. Enter your username and password, then choose either demo or live from the server field depending on your account type. Tap the Login button.

    Your username and password should have been sent to you in an email when you open an account. If you have problems or receive an error when logging in, start a live chat with us for help.