Tradefair is one of the biggest UK-based online financial spread betting platforms. Provider of a range of tools and features to help their customers gain big profits.
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Products and markets

Tradefair now offers over 12,000 spread bet markets to trade!

From oil and gold to bonds, indices and even interest rates - Tradefair now offers thousands more global markets to trade.

  • Equities
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • Bonds
  • Interest rates
  • Inflation

What's more, in addition to spread bets, you can now trade CFDs & forex within your Tradefair account!

Trade forex with Tradefair

  • Tradefair offers competitive spreads on more than 120 currency pairs, ranging from heavily traded currencies like the euro, U.S. dollar and yen, to more exotic instruments like the Turkish lira, Thai baht, and Chinese renminbi - so you can take advantage of every trading opportunity, no matter the market.
  • Tradefair offers a range of resources including guides, videos and manuals to help kick start your forex trading.

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Trade CFDs with Tradefair

  • With access to over 3,000 CFD markets - including individual equities, indices, commodities, metals, currencies - trading CFDs with Tradefair is a flexible and cost-effective way to trade global markets.
  • Tradefair offers competitive spreads across all markets and low commission rates on individual equity CFDs.
  • Tradefair offers a range of resources including guides, videos and manuals to help kick start your CFD trading.

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**UK Tax laws may be subject to change, may depend on personal circumstances and can differ if you pay tax in any jurisdiction outside of the UK. It is therefore advisable to seek independent tax advice. It should be noted that conversely the losses that you may incur by the way of financial spread betting can't be offset against tax liabilities. Please note that spread betting, as contracts for differences, is legally enforceable as contract within the UK. Unlike traditional fixed odds bets, spread betting trades are not simply 'gentlemen's agreements'.


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