Tradefair is one of the biggest UK-based online financial spread betting platforms. Provider of a range of tools and features to help their customers gain big profits.
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Why Tradefair?

We're pleased to announce that we've upgraded our service.

At Tradefair, our mission has always been to provide the best spread betting service in the market, and we're changing our trading partner to help us achieve this.

We've listened closely to our customer feedback and as a result, Tradefair delivers a wide range of tools and features that we believe will help you to become a more successful trader.

Tradefair offers a wide range of new and exciting features to existing customers:

New Trading Products

In addition to spread bets, you can now trade CFDs and spot forex with Tradefair. Spread bets and CFDs available on the same platform.

Tight spreads

Take advantage of spreads as low as 1pt on US30 with low margin requirements.

Wide range of global markets

Access to 12,000 global markets - including new equity and sector trades.

Fast execution

Meaning you can get in and out of the markets when it matters most.

Multiple Platforms

Multi-platform access via your desktop, smartphone and tablet & new intuitive new platform suite -suitable for beginner to professionals.

Low Margin

Low 4% initial margins on FTSE listed shares.


Top traded markets -headline products and spreads:

Instrument Fixed Spread Hours Spread Tradable Hours SB Margin CFD Margin
UK100 24 hours From 1 pip 24 hrs / day 30 x stake 0.005
US30 24 hours From 1 pip 24 hrs / day 80 x stake 0.005
DE30 24 hours From 1 pip 24 hrs / day 40 x stake 0.005
USD/GBP 8am - 6.30pm 1pt 24 hrs / day 70 x stake 0.005
EUR/USD 8am - 6.30pm 1pt 24 hrs / day 70 x stake 0.005
GOLD Variable spread From 0.4pts 11pm - 10.15pm 210 x stake 350 x stake


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